Class Title: MOSAICS: Weekend Workshop
Location:    CCAC Instructor: Cheryl Cohen
Start Date:  Sat & Sun, Jan 20 & 21

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Class Description:
First learn the basics of mosaics by creating a coaster or light switch cover. You will learn how to cut the glass, trim, and glue.

Then plate smashing. Yes, break plates with a hammer which is as much fun as it sounds! Learn to position the shards and pick grout colors to enhance your design on a picture frame or tile. On the second day you learn about grout colors, and how to grout your piece.

If you are a returning student who has made a coaster/light switch cover before, you can make the frame/mirror and then move onto another project. Or if you have another idea, we can discuss it and make it work.

Overall, you will learn to use a variety of materials (rocks, shells, jewelry, mirrors, beads, plate shards, etc.) to create. Feel free to bring grandma's china, jewelry, sea glass or other sentimental items and we will try to incorporate them into your piece I will help you take a random group of objects and make a cohesive one-of-a-kind work of art. It's fun, freeing and rewarding!
CCAC Instructor: Cheryl Cohen
360 Woodland Street
Holliston, MA 01746

Phone: 508-612-4183
Date:   Sat & Sun, Jan 20 & 21

Time:  Sat 9-3, Sun 9-1

Price:  $155


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