Class Title: PMI Triangle Soft Skills Training Class (two days)
Location:    Manager Mechanics Online Live Classroom
Start Date:  Nov 16-17, 2017

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Class Description:
As quoted in PMI's description of the PMI Talent Triangle:
    The ideal skill set the PMI Talent Triangle is a combination of technical, leadership, and strategic business management expertise. To stay relevant and competitive, you must develop these employer-demanded skills.

    Manager Mechanics specializes in two of the three PMI Talent Triangle areas, Leadership' and 'Strategic and Business Management.

Below are the topics that can help you and your team reach the level of expertise described in the PMI Talent Triangle description.

Business acumen
  • Five Step SERVE Consulting Model
    • 'S' - Setting up a Relationship
    • 'E' - Establishing Needs
    • 'R' - Recommending Solutions
    • 'V' - Valuing Objections
    • 'E '- Executing - Next Steps

Customer relationship and satisfaction
    User Experience
  • Great Internal Client Service

Industry knowledge and standards
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Quality and Governance

Operational functions (e.g. finance, marketing)
  • 'DANCE' Vendor Management Expectation Framework
  • Vendor Oversight, Audits, Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Strategic planning, analysis alignment
  • Organizational Thinking
  • 6 Step Strategic Thinking Process
  • 9 Step Strategic Planning Process
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Date:   Nov 16-17, 2017

Time:  9:00- 5:00 ET

Price:  $1,190


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