Class Title: CIO Roundtable Boston - Jun 23, 2017
Location:    New England College of Business
Start Date:  Fri, Jun 23, 2017

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Class Description:

Topic: : CIOs Guide to Strategic Architecture for Digital Transformation

Topic Description:
Architecture is a critical enabler of digital transformation, IT flexibility, stability, performance, operational excellence, and more. However, in the past, Enterprise Architecture has often failed to deliver on its promise, prompting many CIOs to forego or curtail architecture effortsunfortunately, just when it is needed the most.

CIOs don't need to be experts in architecture, but they do need to understand the value proposition of architecture, why it is critical, how to make it successful, how to focus it on outcomes, and how to avoid past missteps. More importantly, CIOs need to understand how, when done right, architecture can help them achieve their goals of both operational excellence and innovation to drive transformation.

Participants in this session will learn:
What are the architecture requirements and challenges for sustainable digital transformation
How 'digital capabilities' enable business decisions about digital transformation
The architecture value proposition
How to 'ruthlessly focus' architecture on enterprise outcomes

Mike Rosen, Research Vice President, Strategic Architecture, IDC IT Executive Program

About the Speaker:
Mike Rosen is Research Vice President for strategic architecture in IDC's IT Executive Advisory Program. His core research includes leveraging strategic, enterprise, and business architecture to enable and accelerate digital transformation, creating effective architecture programs, and extending the concept of Technical Debt to an enterprise framework for understanding, managing, and avoiding unfunded technical liabilities. Mike has led numerous research efforts in business and enterprise architecture and best practices for architects and executives. Mike has provided guidance about delivering value through architecture for finance and insurance companies and at government agencies, retail, technology, logistic, energy, healthcare, and other organizations in over a dozen countries.

As an independent consultant, Mike focused on practical and effective architecture programs, the development of appropriate architectural work products, and the internal career growth of architects. As CTO at several software start-ups, Mike had first-hand experience in balancing strategic and tactical demands. As a product architect for leading middleware products from Digital Equipment Corporation, BEA Systems, and IONA Technologies, and with 15 years of software development experience, Mike has a thorough understanding of the development process.

- Founder, VP, and member of the Board of Directors of the Business Architecture Guild
- Member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO)
- Author of numerous books, including Applied SOA: Architecture and Design Strategies (2008), and Building eBusiness Systems and Architecture: A Manager's Guide (2000)
- Certified in TOGAF9 from the Open Group, and a Certified Business Architect by the Business Architecture Guild
New England College of Business
10 High Street
Suite 204
Boston, MA 02116

Date:   Fri, Jun 23, 2017

Time:  12:00 - 1:45

Price:  Members Only


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