Class Title: CIO Roundtable Boston: IT Services Management: Foundation for IT Bus. and Financial Mgmt
Location:    CJP, 126 High Street, Second Floor, Boston MA
Start Date:  Fri, Dec 8, 2017

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Class Description:

Topic: : IT Services Management: The Foundation for IT Business and Financial Management

Topic Description:
The latest generation of new technologies (cloud, cognitive computing, robotics, etc.) is forcing IT organizations to change the way they manage, measure, and fund their activities. Next-generation IT organizations are being built around a new core value proposition of IT services management an emphasis on running IT as a 'service business' not for the creation of profit, but to support and affirm IT's ability to compete and allocate the scarce resources essential to positioning and promoting IT's business contribution. The foundational business model for operating IT as a service business is evolving IT from an 'engineering-oriented' function to a services organization. This new organization relies upon brokering, integrating, and orchestrating the IT 'business-oriented' services empowered by 3rd Platform technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data/analytics and social business.

Speaker: Bill Keyworth

About the Speaker:
Bill Keyworth is Vice President of Research with a focus on IT Operational Excellence and IT's new business-oriented performance metrics required for effective use of 3rd Platform. Digital transformation is quickly moving IT organizations away from traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) previously critical in tracking efficiency of IT infrastructure, applications and assets. In response, Bill creates research focus on the accelerating demand by IT's business customers for IT to effectively broker, integrate and manage IT technical services, business services, customer-facing services and ecosystem-facing services so essential to successful digital transformation.

Leveraging over 35 years of successfully defining technology and market trends for managing IT services, Bill has established a reputation as one of the more credible and consistent voices in maximizing IT's business value contribution. Leveraging telecom, network management and service management experience gained at multiple corporations, Bill's uniquely positioned to identify and enhance IT's 'new' role in creating digital transformation. As vice president and research director at Gartner Group, Bill initiated the successful Network and Systems Management (NSM) service and helped to create a US focus on ITIL processes years before their industry adoption.
CJP, 126 High Street, Second Floor, Boston MA
10 High Street
Suite 204
Boston, MA 02116

Date:   Fri, Dec 8, 2017

Time:  12:00 - 1:45

Price:  Members Only


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