Running Meetings: Tips, Tricks, and Tactics:
From agenda to meeting minutes

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As a manager, your ability to run efficient and effective meetings is an illustration of your leadership ability, organizational skills, political clout, and the opportunity to dramatically move your business and professional goals forward.

This eBook, based on materials written by nationally syndicated columnist and Manager Mechanics President Eric Bloom, discusses meetings from two perspectives. First, it provides insights on ways to organize and run meetings of all types. Second, it provides specific direction on ways to lead and enhance the quality of departmental staff meetings and other ongoing gatherings over which you preside.

Meetings of all types
1. Writing Meeting Agendas: Tips and Tactics
2. Eight Tips for Writing Great Meeting Minutes
3. Seven Ways of Controlling the Room
4. Seven Tips on Running Virtual Meetings
5. Meeting Times Based on Biorhythms

Staff meetings
6. Ten Tips on Running a Successful Staff Meeting
7. Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Staff Meetings (Part 1)
8. Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Staff Meetings (Part 2)
9. Four Staff Meeting Formats (Part 1)
10. Four Staff Meeting Formats (Part 1)



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