Class Title: 10-Class Package
Location:    CCAC Instructor: Cheryl Cohen
Start Date:  Ongoing

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Class Description:
I'm looking forward to having you in class!

First choose the day of the week, and the date that will work for you best and write that in the appropriate place on the registration form (next page).

-Tues, 10-12:30 (Starting 9/15, Oct 20, Dec 1)
-Thurs, 10-12:30 (Starting 9/17, Oct 22, Dec 3)

Once you register I will get back to you whether there are openings now in the class day of your choice or whether you are on the waiting list. Or feel free to contact me before registering to know whether there are openings, or 508-612-4183.

These classes are 'open classes' meaning people are working on projects of their choice. Beginners are welcome and start with a coaster or light switch cover to learn the basics, then are shown great second projects and beyond. After the first class, students are welcome to bring in pictures from Pinterest/internet that we can discuss and adapt if appropriate.

I can only have 5 students per class due to Covid regulations, (6 people in 800 sq. feet including me). This is an opening policy in accordance with state regulations, that hopefully will work for us all and keep us safe.

New Mosaic Policy:

I'm going to run 5 and 10 -week sessions, with the same 5 people for each 5-week session. Since I can have only 5 people total in each class, as the regulations state, it is safer to have 'pods' (the same 5 people exposed to each other every week). Unfortunately, since each person will be in a 'pod' grouping, if you are absent, I can't fill the space with someone else. So missed classes will need to be considered attended. I'll have a waiting list for when spots open, after each 5-week session ends.

The new rate will be $42 per class for a 5-pack ($210, $5.75 more per class) and $36.50 for a ten-pack ($365, $4 more per class). I won't be offering single class options. I will credit those of you with 4 and 10-packs the remainder of the fee toward the new class package.

On the bright side, since these classes are semi-private due to the low numbers, you will receive unlimited attention!

Studio safety precautions:
A new Covid consent form, and an additional form regarding exposure to be filled out in each class.
Assigned seating for each class
Forehead thermometer your temp taken when you first come to the door
Lots of hand sanitizer everywhere
Dividers between people
Plastic sheeting down the middle of the table
5-person class maximum.
Gloves and masks need to be worn throughout class
Two air purifiers at opposite sides of the room
I'll be giving people materials, limited walking around (I'll have floor arrows for limited walking only if needed)
A/C with windows open! Geesh.
All containers, work area and chair that is used, need to be wiped down with disinfectant by the student before and after use.
All tools will be put in a bin for cleaning after use
The bathroom is cleaned regularly professionally, and there is Clorox in there to wipe down all the surfaces people touch

After Covid is over, I look forward to going back to a more flexible class format with lower pricing. This has been a huge adjustment for all of us!

Thanks for understanding.
Date:   Ongoing

Time:  10-12:30

Price:  $365


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