Class Title: Windows and Glass Cutting combined class
Location:    CCAC Instructor: Cheryl Cohen
Start Date:  Aug 20, 2021

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Class Description:
This is a full 6 hour class combining the 'Glass cutting to create lighthouses, flowers, water, and trees,' and the 'Windows' class! You will learn to cut the glass, and use the shapes/pieces immediately in your window! The separate class descriptions are below. You will amaze yourself about how much you can learn and what you can create in one day!

Glass Cutting to Create Lighthouses, Flowers, Water and Trees:
Want to learn to cutting curves and lines? You will learn how to use mosaic tools and stained-glass tools (wheeled cutters, table straight cutter, scorer, score one cutter) to achieve the cut you desire! Obviously, all these techniques improve with practice, but you will get a taste of what the right tool is for the right cut, and have practice with each.

This is a wonderful class for:
Ongoing students who want to improve their skills
new students who are taking the Windows! class and want a more intricate design (i.e. lighthouse, flowers, trees and more)
new students that want an overview of cutting skills

This class can be used in two ways. Some students may use the full class to prepare for the windows class (make a lighthouse, flowers, water and more), to create a larger project (choosing glass and cutting shapes), and others may want to use the last hour to start a small mosaic piece (approx. 4x6') with the pieces you have cut.

Join us to learn more about glass! All levels welcome!

We will be learning to mix, pour and de-bubble resin, and the ins and outs of designing windows!

Supplies are included however, feel free to bring sea glass, shells, and other items/shards to incorporate into your piece. Clear items work well so that the sun can reflect through them, if you are going to put your piece in a window. If you are going to put it on a wall, any non-porous item can be used. Bring what you like and we will see what will work.

The class fee of $180 includes all materials (including the window or two prepared picture frames). You are welcome to bring your own window (no larger than approx. 36x30). Additional picture frame sized pieces can be made for $25 each.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather that can get messy, as the windows need to stay open for ventilation and the adhesive is sticky. So no AC or heat while making windows. Long hair needs to be in a ponytail.

The windows need to dry overnight, so you are welcome to pick up your piece during my regularly scheduled classes, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10-12:30 or Thursdays 4:15-10 pm. Check my schedule online for Friday and Saturday class times also.

These projects are large, so class size is limited to the first 8 people who register online. Sorry I'm unable to hold spaces open without registration.
Date:   Aug 20, 2021

Time:  11-5:00

Price:  $225


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